The Perfect Bar Top

The owners I worked with wanted me for their newest restaurant.

I stopped in from time to time during the construction and fell in love with the long bar they were putting in--the final product was a twenty-foot glossy topped bar that was three-feet deep.

The pacing of a bar set is much different than that of a table-hopping scenario and I learn real quick to slow down, drawing out (and not dragging out) my performances.

In this mindset, my body language relaxed and I became much more conversational. I stepped back on my heals and hooked my thumbs in the vest pockets and basked in the reactions.

It was this pose that became the starting point for one of the most devastating techniques in my arsenal. A subdued tactic that would later change the way I solved methods and delivered magic moments.

It reminds me of a line from one of Racherbaumer's books.

"The effect struts and blusters in the spotlight; the move invisible abides."

Yours In Magic,


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