Let Ghosts Be Your Mentors March 30 2016

My mentors are ghosts. That's a mysterious way to say I learned from old books. 

My closest living mentor was a bit unorthodox.

He didn't explain to me how to hold a deck, or use this particular method, or use the pinky to pivot the card. It wasn't like that. He left most of that up to me.

He introduced me to Marlo and he gave me hints on how to approach this whole card magic thing.

And this approach has guided me along the way to better magic.

So, now I'm in a position to share some of my findings. I'm not a mentor. I'm a student of students of students.

I'm here to help in any way I can.

I'm reaching out to serious students with my:


This will be the way I connect with you. PDFs and DVDs are one thing, but this is designed to be a vibrant dialogue with interested and excited people.

This is no course. Your course is your own. Think of this as I always thought of Racherbaumer.

My upcoming talks are sign posts up ahead. Your next stop: The Reynolds Zone.

Yours In Magic,


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