I Heard About This Guy Who...

I had traveled to Toronto a few months back to get on the road with Ben Train and give some talks.

At one of the stops, we had gone to a restaurant after the lecture, and I ate and watched some of the guys do their stuff.

I really don't get to see a lot of magic unless I'm traveling or at a convention, so I love when I get a chance to get out on the road. 

So, we're at the restaurant and this kid starts telling me this story he heard.

It was at a Second Deal Convention and the "boys" were card-tricking it up. One of them had stayed up for two days doing non-stop card tricks and moves. And the guy fell asleep at the table.

But what made this so memorable was that he fell asleep while in the middle of executing a move he was showing to the other guys.

Now, I know this story well.

In fact, not only did the guy fall asleep in the middle of the move, when he opened his eyes and realized he hadn't finished it, he then completed the move!

I know this story well because the move a fell asleep in and eventually finished when I woke up was later published in Wesley James' Mojo Magazine.

It all comes back around.

Yours In Magic,


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