From H.D. to HD

Some people say I make creative connections.

I think my connections are mostly silly.

It's true, I'm a silly guy who takes sharing my work very seriously.

But, we have to have fun with all this and a sense of humor should go hand and hand with the seriousness of say, eight tabled faro shuffles.

Last week I got rid of some of my books. I know, it seems drastic. But as the old saying goes: drastic times...well, you know the rest.

Here's why.

Years ago I had the hope of being an English teacher while also performing, creating, and writing about magic.

As I neared my degree, those parallel paths began to diverge and I had to make a difficult decision.

Should I teach the Imagist poetry of Hilda "H.D." Doolittle to indifferent students, or teach advanced theory and practice of sleight of hand to enthusiastic ones?

Guess which one I chose?

And this decision came to it's completion last week.

I got rid of some, not all, of my dusty Literary Theory, Secondary Education, and the H.D. Companion books and replaced them with new lighting and an HD camera, so I can focus on my Audience First series:

Half of my office is now a video studio. I use that term loosely.

But, you'll be happy to know that I was able to film eleven bonus videos and am preparing for my next talk on my new "Playing Heavy" routine. 

This will feature more bonus items including three booklets and bonus videos to add to the in-depth live talk.

By the way, no magic books were harmed in the making of this studio.

Yours In Magic,


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