Never Stop Thinking

Too soon?

Or is it too late to add more to already robust talk coming up for all Audience First Members?

I learned much from the first live talk: In-Vestment.

The suggestions of the participants and my own ideas have allowed me to continue to add to next month's talk: Playing Heavy.

There will be three e-books and eleven bonus videos (all shot in my new office studio and in HD). 

Add these to the Live Interactive Talk, along with the supplemental booklet, and the gang will sure get their $11 worth!

I've shared some of this preliminary work on my "Playing Heavy" with Allan Ackerman and this is what he had to say:

"You've created a brand new routine with your Playing Heavy.  It has a different plot, it's logical,  it will bring a chuckle and a big smile to any audience, and is very fooling.  This routine is going in my repertoire.”


And I didn't share the added material with him.

Members of Audience First will also learn a new technique that I call the Perry Switch.

This is unlike any other exchange idea thus far.

And this is just month two of the series.

No, it's never too late to add fresh, fooling magic, that is also fun to do.

Yours In Magic,


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