Pick a Tooth, Any Tooth

And then reality sets in.

For the last few months, I've had an unrelenting toothache.

However, the pain seemed to be coming from one part of my mouth.

While under strong pain medication, I realized that the pain was actually coming from a different area of my mouth.

Isn't that interesting?

Maybe so.

But, unless you're a dentist (hobbyist or professional) what does this have to do with card tricks and anything YOU'RE interested in?

Well, it seems silly to say, but I also realized that this indirect pain was like my publishing career.

(I did mention I was on strong painkillers!) 

Early on in my pcareer I self-produced booklets and other media.

I also had a goal to connect with bigger magic producers.

Of course, they would help get my material out to the larger magic community.

I've worked with numerous companies over the years and as I came closer to reaching my goal, I discovered that I had become a number on their top 2,000 list.

The new tricks come in...the hoopla ensues...and then they are almost immediately added to the ever growing product list.

So, I decided to pull the tooth that was giving me the real pain and redirect my efforts to my audience.

And besides the wonderful groups of people who stop, watch, and respond to my performances, I have another audience that is just as important.

These are the ones who want a more robust experience with the magic they acquire.

They are the focus of Audience First:


I have a few goals with this series of talks.

That is, to create talks that are directed at the needs of the participants--giving them options that work for them and their own audiences.

To share my magic directly with them, along with numerous learning tools (bonus videos and pdfs). 

Finally, to connect with these people in real ways--ways that couldn't be a reality while working with the Big Producers.

I know that I can give so much more than I was able to before and had made a serious plan to do it.

And now it's a reality.

My mouth and mind feel much better!



PS We're officially counting down to the next Audience First Talk: Playing Heavy.

This starts on May 7th at 2pm (CST).

Get on the bus, we're moving ahead:


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