"Z." DVD is Out and Traveling the World August 14 2015

After 23 years, my work on the Zarrow Shuffle is finally out and it's moving further than I ever imagined.

The online response has been tremendous and I've sent DVDs out to the far corners of the world (and New Jersey!). I gave a special talk at this years Magic Live! and the response was very positive.

If you haven't heard of this yet, or aren't sure what you're getting into, please check out my website and find out what Steve Forte, Bill Malone, Jon Racherbaumer, Jack Carpenter, and John Carney think about it at: 


Until then, here are the contents with some brief commentary:

1hr 8 mins.
An Unreal Works Production
The Zarrow Shuffle: A Private Lesson

1: A Shift In Thinking--Analyzing the Concept of a False Shuffle

This is where I establish my approach to understanding the distinctions between a true and false shuffle and how to make them look identical.

2. Approaching the Deck--Building the Foundations of the False Shuffle

Here I take you step-by-step into the crux of the work and the details that will get you complete cover in 360 degrees.

3. Making the Split--Cut, Step, and Shallow "V"

An in depth analysis of this critical step that is usually glossed over.

4. The Weave--Low and Flat. Roll and Bevel.

Here I continue to deeply analyze a crucial step and reveal not only how to get a beautiful riffle and maintain critical elements, but why these aspects are important.

5. The Genuine Weave--Straight and True

The mechanics of the True Square Up are established and fully analyzed, giving you a foundation of actions that you'll need during Section 6. At this point you will have a consistent and practical Tabled Riffle Shuffle that, for some, may be worth the price of the DVD since they have been struggling so long to gain this skill. From this point you can finish with any type of Riffle Shuffle strategy and be well on your way to mastering Riffle Shuffle Technique (i.e. Stripouts, Push Throughs, Tabled Faro Riffle Shuffles, Riffle Stacking, etc.)

6. False Weave--Adjust, Spread, Roll, Separate, Push

Here you learn the details on the False Square up, getting complete cover for the "riding block", not only from the front, but from the back as well. This is the most challenging part for some, but I go into exacting detail on getting it into your hands.

Exposed views are provided, plus shots from every practical angle. Everything I know about teaching this technique is in this DVD. The information was not developed in my home, but out in the field during my Workshops for students who have been struggling for years. Again, this is not for the expert (though I feel that this DVD would be welcome into their ever growing bank of Knowledge [this may make you re-think Riffle Shuffles and how they really work]), but for the rank amature wishing to move to a next level, but is lacking good information designed to help them reach this goal. This is for them. 

This is my first MAJOR STATEMENT and CONTRIBUTION--thus the "period" in "Z."

7. Timing--Context, Speed and the Protected Position

Here I show you how to take advantage of the complete cover and thus being able to do a very METHODICAL or a very LOOSE square up. Also, I share an invaluable PRACTICE STRATEGY that will help you learn each detail in a timely manner.

Throughout this DVD I share other valuable practice tips to keep you on track and maintain the other details as you learn and apply them to previous steps you've learned. I help you maintain control of your knowledge as you build your muscle memory.

8. Bringing It All Together--Reviewing the Elements of the False Shuffle

Here I run through the shuffle a few times from different angles.

9. The Bottom-Line Zarrow--A Powerful, Convincing Subtlety

This technique can be applied to your established shuffle and will add a strong sell to the square up. I also share a preliminary cutting sequence to set up for the shuffle.


An in depth Question/Answer segment that reveals my history of this project.

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Thank you and keep Shuffling On...