Mardi Gras and the Bottom Deal

Mardi Gras 2014 I was asked by my wife's best friend to watch the door of the hotel she managed for three nights during the parade.

Three nights amounted to twelve hours manning the door making sure no non-guests could get in and harass anyone or vandalize the place.

But, I soon found out that once the hour-long parade had ended, the street cleaners (like magic--it is a site to see) erased every trace of any festivities whatever. That the street became a ghost town.

And so, the next night I brought my worn copy of Erdnase (Dover addition) and dedicated the next three twelve-hour nights to it. Let me point out that it is easy to page through this book and take the momentary pause to study a bit of wisdom or re-read a passage to get the finger positions just right. It's easy to do that.

But, this was not my goal. It was to address one technique: his bottom deal. I was able to take this undisturbed time (except for the occasion guest who needed to drop off bags of beads to her room) to study each line and think about its implication and application.

The result of this exercise? A firm grounding in interpretive study. I say this because I've sat with Erdnase Experts (with capital E's) and their interpretations are much different than mine. But, I think I have cracked it. I think Hoyle would be proud.

I've taken this focused study habit to numerous card techniques over the years including the Side Steal, Ribbon-Spread Hideout, and the Zarrow Shuffle. I've recorded the results in numerous booklets and "Z." DVD which can be found here:

Dig out your Erdnase and re-read his bottom deal in detail. Make your homework count.



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