What's the Big Idea?

What's the BIG idea? I thought it was lapping three of the four cards at the end of Twins. Thanks Bill Malone!

But, it turned out it wasn't.

Three summers ago my restaurant owners opened a brand new restaurant and they wanted me to perform there. They also built a nice big beautiful bar. One look and I said, I have to perform behind that!

I wore my vest, a nice tie, with my sleeves rolled up. I looked sharp and ready to work the bar. Like an old-timey Chicago proprietor.

Unfortunately, one of my go to tricks was Hamman's Twins. Bill's ending was out of the question.

During the first evening I played it cool. I paused regularly. Performance time is much longer behind the bar. I stepped back and hooked my thumbs. It was a great night. On an even keel.

That stance I took with one foot back and hooked thumbs came naturally. But, I was one of those ever vigilant souls looking method or effect possibilities in seemingly unimportant details, I realized something big.

That posture, that moment, gave me the answer.

The very next set I performed Twins with the vanish standing behind the bar. No lapping and no wet cards in the sink!

In-Vestment was born: http://www.stevereynoldsmagic.com/products/in-vestment 

Clean-ups quickly followed, as did add ons and packet switches. Being able the perform Doc Eason's Birthday Card trick presentation on the fly soon followed.

I now use these techniques in my present full-time venue: Busking in the French Quarter.

In-Vestment changed everything.



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