The First Internet Lecture Is Back

I'm usually up for anything if it's magic and it's different.

in 2001 Trini Montes asked me if I wanted to lecture using a new kind conferencing call. I never lectured before and I was up for anything. He added,it'll be over the internet

I really had no idea what he was talking about. An online lecture? Absolutely.

Trini and I had no sight on the future or foresight that this approach would become, a decade later, the norm. Trini just wanted to do something magical and different. I just wanted to lecture and be different. 

So, on November 10, 2001 I gave the very first lecture presented over the internet. A young Jared Kopf and Patrick O'Gorman were my assistants and I demonstrated and performed material from my earliest books Cosmic Sport and Arsenal Notes.

There were around twenty TSD members watching the US, England and Europe.

I recently found the VHS copy of the entire lecture and have digitized it. In the weeks to come, I'll make this available as an historic artifact along with my first two books. Stay tuned.



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