The T.D. Lonyer Factor January 23 2016

Sometimes an accidental introduction can lead to big things.

I knew no one at the 1998 SAM convention in New Orleans, except Racherbaumer. But, he was hardly around. Could you blame him? He had the home-town advantage. I imagined him at some secret session in the catacombs. 

I, on the other hand, was sessionless. With no other connections besides the books in the dealer's room and having never initiated a session, I remained alone sitting at a table shuffling cards and waiting for something to jump off. 

My eyes were pointed towards the deck as I riffled away, when I heard a voice say, You do card tricks?

Do I do card tricks?, I thought. I had been diligently studying the Work and was eager to meet other enthusiasts. Thanks for asking, whoever this was!

The gentleman sat down and asked me to show him something. I showed him a few things that I had been working on from Jon's Card Finesse 2.

His eyes bugged and he feverishly asked, Where did you learn that

He was a student of Jon's and I just showed him things that his teacher had shown him in the wee hours of late night sessions. These were buried items in obscure books. He must have thought, Who the heck is this guy?

There were many big things that would come out from this initial session. Years of collaboration would spur the first online magic lecture and T.D. Lonyer's Tipping Mitt:  

My first session began. The next would be with Spirit Mimosa.



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