For Whom the Bell Tolls?

It tolls for thee. You have till midnight tonight (1/31/16) to get the MONK-SEEKS-MORE DEAL for $39 and the $5 PDFs.


1. Seek 52 was a DVD first available in 2006. It features tricks that first gained me a reputation in the card world and also in the bars of my home town. These were designed with real audiences in mind and have the added benefit of being different enough to surprise and often fool well-posted cardmen. These were my first musings of an approach I would later call The Monk’s Way.

2. The Monk’s Way was a DVD first available in 2012. It features tricks designed using many of this insights I learned from an approach pioneered by Brother John Hamman. It also stems from the detailed and obsessiveness of Edward Marlo. Imagine this combination filtered through the active repertoire of a professional restaurant magician. You get deviously direct effects that are designed to fool and entertain.

3. More is a compilation of a few of my latest ideas and is shared with those who by both Seek 52 and The Monk’s Way downloads. It includes some subtle routines that pack a real punch. Paris Slant Goes to Vegas adds a surprise blackjack blow off to a Sanvert/Racherbaumer routine. Don't Look Now! Another Illusion is my extended variant of the Larry Jennings’ classic. A Saint Louis Lesson is a simplification and elaboration of Terry LeGaurald’s Las Vegas Final Exam. Finally, Eas(ie) Queen(ie) Mont(ie) is my simplified handling and extension of the Bill Simon’s Queen Monte.

Combined you get 4 hours of card stuff that is different than anything out there and is both fun for your audience and fun to perform. Don’t miss out on this deal and the great magic it showcases.


1. You will have routines that can entertain both laymen and magicians. These tricks and techniques will teach you how to infuse subtlety in robust routines that stand up over time. These routines were part of my third book, Under the Radar (2003), which is currently out of print. These methods are direct in structure, making the effects look like magic.

2. In The Monk’s Way you will have a peek inside of what makes subtleties work  within sleight of hand methods and learn balance and how they work together to make powerful magic. You’ll also get to see the real dynamics of the teacher-student collaboration as if you were sitting there at the table enjoying the session.

3. The routines in More are little known and so you’ll have in your repertoire routines that are quick, direct, and trouble free. The routines were designed to get challenging routines or older routines into the hands of aspiring students who wanted more robust effect and easier handlings. You will not get simple personalized variation. You will get fully revamped and reimagined routines to add to your active repertoire.




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