Blind Shuffle Bluff and the Bottom-line Idea

I remember being struck with an epiphany when I read the Book Review of Beyond Erdnase in Olram File #4 in my early 20's. The chapter heading called Blind Shuffle Bluff made me think of subtle ways to false shuffle a deck.

I knew Zarrow Shuffles and stripouts and pushthroughs, but this called upon ideas that seemed like the fantastic and idealized Real Work. I set my mind to it and worked out a method that unfortunately was the basis of an underground idea from Juan Tamariz. So, I've sat on it.

However, this didn't stop me from re-thinking the whole thing and developing the Bottom-Line Zarrow Shuffle:

Over the years the basic idea of Tamariz has leaked out from its prominent position of secrecy into the mainstream having been mention and developed by Derek Delgaudio and Christian Engblom. 

I've not been sitting on my hands since I first shared this on the Second Deal website at the turn of the century (that's fun to say!). I'm ready to share this special technique along with my further developments on the Bottom-Line idea and how it can be applied in other false shuffles to heighten their deceptiveness.

Just a heads up.



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