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To butcher Carlin, "I made an even smaller version of my road trip...now, what do I bring?!"

So, I took the train from Union Station to the St. Peter Station in Milwaukee for a quick lecture.

I decided to make a big change to the first half.

I constructed a synergistic routine (thanks Racherbaumer) where the method of each of the four tricks was accomplished within the performance of the first trick.

In other words, I used one of the great ideas of Stewart James that he used in his method for 51 Faces North.

As much as this method was disappointing to some, it would be a loss if this ingenious strategy would be lost.

So, I created a web of deception that, when coupled with the important suggestion by Brother John Hamman ("I always think of my audience first"), allowed me to accomplish some of the most direct delivery of classic tricks I have yet to accomplish with more traditional methods.

Also, I was able to get four signed Aces to four different pockets with only one palm three times in a row! 

And just yesterday I decided to include this complete construction in my October Audience First Talk.


We need to first establish a few things in August and September with my Travelers' methods and the Monk's Way Talk.  

It was a devious interplay of ideas I've developed over the last twenty years and it all came together last night in Milwaukee.

Twenty-three words no one has ever said before...

Your's In Magic,


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