From the Ground Up

A few months ago I was organizing the Marlo pictures from Racherbaumer and I paused on a vivid shot.

For purely selfish reasons I thought, "Man, this would look great as a poster on MY office wall." 

I also thought that maybe a few guys out there would like the same.

A friend suggested that we go a bit more elegant.

One poster is good, but a double-matted print of the original photo--add to that a card from one of Marlo's decks and write a short but informative information card and we could have a beautiful represented piece of card magic history.

So I thought that sounds challenging...can we do it?

My dream is to continue to get Marlo's special class of magic--rare and unpublished--to his fans.

And since I was taught by one of Marlo's main propagators I intend to continue these efforts.

Your interest, questions, suggestions, and support are important and much appreciated.

These early artistic pieces are my way of showcasing the very best of Marlo, which is my aim with every related project to come. 

We were able to get the photos scanned and printed and find a company that can cut 50 Choice Marlo Mattes--five in the series--add to that a protective backing, and we have something we can be proud of.

Much better than a poster!

There are other things to share.

We want books!

I do too!

Here's to passion and preparation--now for the followthrough.

Stay tuned.

Yours In Magic,


PS I'll be at this years Tri-C Convention in November and I'm preparing ten full sets of the Choice Marlo Mattes. 

Please let me know and I'll set aside a set for you.

If you're not going, let me know and I can prepare a titled and numbered set and send it your way.


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