It Started With A Letter

It started with a transcribed letter and a few typed pages ready for publication in At the Table (MUM). This Marlo letter was prepared by Jon Racherbaumer in 1983 in his column. It was never published.

The letter was to Ian Land and described a few variations of an effect that Ian had sent to Marlo. What a find!

I sent this to Ian for any further background info. Ian then surprised me by sending a long a few of his other Twisting methods along with another Marlo letter related to yet another Twisting effect.

I first learned of Ian a few years ago when I ran across his Twisted Collectors version in Pabular. It inspired me and I worked out a version, which I had published in the Card Magic of the USA. 

I recently pulled all this stuff together and in sharing this info back and forth, both Ian and I have added to this stash of Twisting effects, setting the ground work for a robust booklet...

Most Output issues are diverse in content, like in the also recently published Output 15 and 16. In this issue, I zero in on a set of ideas and how they evolve into new ones.

I'm reminded of a line from Bob Walker:

"We're going to Twist until we have to be unscrewed from the ground."

That's what I'm here for.

Enjoy Your Weekend,


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