I haven't left Las Vegas yet.

400 hundred riffle shuffles later and too many sessions and conversation to list here...though I now have many stories to share in the near future), I'm still at the Orleans Hotel and preparing for my departure towards San Francisco.

Yes, my busking journey with D'Artagnan continues.

Don't ask me how the shows at the convention went because I didn't attend any.

I go where the action is and it usually involves Allan Ackerman and few other crazy cardicians that sit for hours in a small room shuffling, dealing, and twisting as many Aces as we can until we finally tip the work or tip over!

But, I survived and was able to meet many friends that I've been recently coorisponding with.

The Audience First group was represented well and while we didn't all get to meet, or spend too much time going over fine details, I was able to meet some and that makes me happy.

When I was young, I was more focussed on finesse and idea.

And while I still get excited about an invisible pass and the timing it is done within a performance, I find myself more interested in meeting the people that share the same passion and connecting with them.

And as a celebration of this I'd like to connect with you and share some items that I shared with excited convention goers.

For the weekend and until I get settled in San Francisco for the next month or so for another bout of busking, I want to open up the Audience First material thus far:


For those who are already members, I'll be giving a bonus talk this month (day and times still pending).

That will be two talks on the Travelers and related effects.

Stay tuned for the details.

Until then, I'll be recalling all the fun that happened over the last few days and sharing them with you.

Thanks again for your interest in my adventures.

Yours In Magic,


PS If you are not yet a member and have any questions about Audience First, please drop me a line, email, private message, or just knock on the Van door (the dog doesn't bite).


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