Mostly Backs...But Not All

When the Skinner audio tracks came out, when I still had a CD player in my car, I listened to them constantly. Too many things get bought and shelved.

Skinner, obviously, was never told this.

I realized that there so many effects that never made it into my active repertoire. Usually because of the methods. The effects are strong or could be.

But, no.

Skinner inspired me to begin a list of effects, ones that I've considered, but for one reason or another, never performed. 

But, I then decided to make a list of these tricks.

At the top was the Torn and Restored Card and under it was the All Backs.

I've talked about and taught my ending for Paul Harris's one-card T&R card--which has the look of of a color change--swiping the hand over the pieces to restore them. No extra pieces, no lapping--an ending that made Paul say, "Now my trick has an ending."

This came to me as a natural. The thing that makes this so direct and startling and practical was already there. A by product of Paul's method--which he used in a different way. 

I did eventually publish this is my column in Magic Magazine and I recently included it in Output 15. 

Some tricks need to be showcased. Then there's the All Backs.

Most versions over show and over handle what should be direct displays. How many backs would you have to see to realize that something is off? I let the "method actor" in me take the lead and let my real curiosity lead the way.

A couple months back I was working on an Ace production which required a reversed block in the middle of the deck. When I cut, I got a back instead of an Ace.

I was genuinely surprised. This moment was authentic. I was surprised when I saw the back and so I just let it flow. What would I do if I ran into this anomaly? How would I check the cards. It wouldn't take much.

The version I developed in those moments had everything that I felt was missing. This version is short,'s adorable. 

The moral of all this is: Make a list of trick that you know are good but never do. Ask yourself, Why? What's too much or what's missing?  

Let me know.


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