Z SHUFFLE CLIP February 22 2016, 0 Comments

It's been three years since I started writing for Magic Magazine. The Monk's Way and Your Magic are going strong.

And a huge benefit is I've been able to participate in the last two Magic Live! conventions.   
Last year I was part of the Experts at the Card Table, though I still consider myself an eager student, where I talked about the details of the Z Shuffle--Meir Yedid informed me Herb would be happy with that title, since that's what he called it.

I'm not big on trailers of this kind, but here's a clip of three consecutive demos that you might enjoy:

In six days I'll be sharing further explorations of the Starting Grip and its value in other false shuffles, the origins of the Bottom-Line Zarrow Shuffle, and further thoughts on this valuable tool called Beyond the Z:

I'll talk about false shuffles/stacking/blocking off and how these techniques are made more deceptive with an understanding of the starting grip. I'll also teach a little known Marlo tactic which will allow you to execute a stripout shuffle from starting grip...which may not sound like much, but just try it!

Next, I'll go into an underground full-deck false shuffle idea from Juan Tamariz with my get-ready strategies. I consider this off the charts for full deck retention.

Finally, I'll expand the applications of the Bottom-Line technique in other false shuffles making them as deceptive as they can be.

All this work is exclusively available to those who have purchased my "Z." DVD.

I hope you join me for the first of many Live Events.

Yours In Magic,


PS The next Live Event will be on the In-Vestment and how to use it to make your tricks into damn! 

2014: The Year of the Monk January 06 2014, 0 Comments

Here we go into another year of criss-crossing adventures.

January is Trade Show Time in New Orleans and Lecture Time in San Diego and Orange County, CA.

Then I'm back in town for some serious Magic Writing and Filming.

The Zarrow Shuffle DVD will be out soon and anyone interested in learning how to do this technique deceptively will have everything they need.

Plans for a FULL-BLOWN Mid-West lecture Tour are in the works.

Anything outside of all this is lagniappe.

Happy New Year from