Update: Marlo Books, Output, Website

It's buckle-down time.

Over these last few days of May, I am finishing Output 24, just in time. Next, Output 25 will be an update on my book In-Vestment. This will include some effects that were not included in the original.

I'll hit the ground running in June.

I have found a printer that deals in hard-cover books. I will strive to create definitive works on topics across Marlo's writings, beginning with The Olram File and then through Advanced Fingertip Control, Faro Controlled Miracles, and Riffle Shuffle Systems. This series is long overdue and will be a reality, beginning this year. 

In the meantime, I am adding additional videos to my newly updated website: https://www.stevereynoldsmagic.com/

Right now, I have published 23 Outputs, which are filled with my own material and many unpublished Marlo items that you cannot find anywhere else. It's all here in my books.

It is now easier to find what you're looking for or sign up for my monthly Output subscription. The Output is meant to push my bigger projects forward and keep me on track. 

Check it out!

Thank you and enjoy your Sunday.


PS If you want to purchase ALL 23 Outputs, please contact me directly for a special offer. Thank You.

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