$ 25.00

Sometimes you have to go back to go forwards. Over these last many months I've been redesigning my Output book series. Perfect bound, full color, and tight layout. The lucky 13 issue is now available.

This issue includes a rare and previously unpublished Marlo method for his Devils and Witches, two versions of the Invisible Bottom Deal from the Cardician--one by my friend Lee Lee and a purely subtle method by mwah.

There are also a few finessed moves, including my own no tipoff method for the classic Bottom Placement. I've also share the original pre-illustration photographs for Marlo's D&W from Marlo Magazine Vol. 1.

                         39 pages - 10 x 7 Perfect Bounding - Full Color Photos


           >> Royal IBD (Lee Lee)                   

           >> Invisible IBD (Steve Reynolds)

           >> Add to the Devilish Miracle (Ed Marlo)

           >> Bottom Placement Finesse (Steve Reynolds)

           >> Devils and Witches Reworked (Ed Marlo)

           >> Application Note: Marlo's Hidden Count 

           >> Original Marlo Photos

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