Output 14

$ 25.00

We're going to Twist until they have to unscrew us from the ground." Bob Walker 

This issue of Output began with a letter from 1983. Marlo had read a few Twisting effects by Ian Land, of England, providing a few unique and previously unpublished solutions. Ian's effect was a little known hybrid Twisting routine, where the four cards reverse within the packet a 'la Dai Vernon's classic. The difference is that after each twist, the face-up card is REMOVED from the packet and dealt to the table. This is repeated and the packet diminishes until you're left with one card. 

I sent Ian this letter and then sent me another letter from Marlo describing a finesse Marlo had on a secret reverse used in one of Ian's other Twisting routines. 

Add to this my own Twisting methods and a few new versions based on this unearthed material, that had been laying dormant for decades, and I had enough for a special All-Twisting issue of Output.

                            34 pages - 10 x 7 Perfect Bounding - Full Color Photos 



          >>Larrytwist w/Spreads 

          >>One By One 

          >>Marlo Letter - Larrytwist Finesse

          >>No Twist Twist 

          >>Barebone Twists

          >>Opec Four

          >>Repeat Code 345

          >>Combination Counts

          >>Trist On Twost w/ Spreads

          >>Direct Twisted Collectors





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