Output 15

$ 25.00

"Good Magic is never finished." Harry Anderson

Output 15 begins with a ghost of an idea, one that was left hidden in Marlo's handwritten notes on the original pages of his Color Changing Deck. After 38 years, Marlo's original ending for his classic routine, published without this information, by Jon Racherbaumer in his At the Table and performed by Bill Malone in his DVDs, here, finally, is Marlo's original ending.

This issue contains card magic from Ed Marlo, Allan Ackerman, Lee Lee, and Steve Reynolds. These are direct and fooling versions of classic effects, like The Torn and Restored Card, the Last Trick of Dr. Daley, Backfire Ace Assembly, All Backs, and Pocket Interchange.

                        37+ pages - 10 x 7 Perfect Bounding - Full Color Photos 


          >>Original Color Changing Deck Routine - Edward Marlo

          >>All Backs Anomaly

          >>Beyond the Wild Travelers 

          >>Backfire Assembly - Lee Lee

          >>So, You Want to Be Famous? - Torn & Restored Card

          >>Nearly Perfect Transposition - Allan Ackerman



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