The Monk’s Way

To become a good teacher one first must be a good student. Steve Reynolds has spent over twenty years diligently studying the art of close-up magic. He is highly regarded as being a refined technician of the devilish details that secretly nourish his artistry and creates spontaneous and seemingly effortless mysteries—mysteries that emotionally connect while satisfying audiences of every pedigree. Over the years he has developed and honed a philosophy of performance he calls The Monk’s Way.

Steve teaches and illustrates with examples The Monk’s Way during his lecture sessions. In a step-by-step fashion he drills down to the gold and platinum, to a mother lode of what really counts. He highlights differences that make a difference. He shows you how to infuse subtleties into your simplifications. He will purify your methodologies and will clarify your presentations.

“We had Steve lecture for our Ring with a great response to his innovative card and cup and ball routines. Steve’s handling and presentation provide individual ideas that any magician can use and appreciate. Steve's presentations, useful information on magic, and his ease of use was fabulous.”

Jim Henson
Mr. Magic-Shop
Little Rock, Arkansas