In 2007 a large Marlo storehouse came into my possession to sort, scan, and otherwise manage. The majority of this material has been contributed for future research and Marlo projects.

And yet there remains, among the flotsam and jetsam, a trove of unique artifacts from a golden age in card magic. An age that continues to inform and challenge.

Original and rare photos 

Decks of Marlo's cards

Handwritten notes and memorabilia

Why am I sharing this stuff?

It's important that enthusiastic students and friends of Marlo have a chance to have a piece of the history they enjoy and love.

I also have a vision of sharing the ideas both buried in print and unpublished. Bringing them to a new audience and well-versed students. To make this a reality, a  percentage of each sale will go to that objective.

It's much appreciated.


Steve Reynolds