Steve Reynolds’ approach, handling, and timing for the classic Zarrow Shuffle is as good as it gets, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching his masterful execution of this challenging false shuffle . . . over and over again! Steve Forte

If you’re looking for a truly deceptive Zarrow Shuffle this is it. I’ve been watching Steve do this shuffle for years and I just realized it’s false. Buy it, I know I will! Bill Malone

“This is the best instructional video I have ever watched and I have watched quite a few.  Steve covers every detail of the Zarrow shuffle and if you follow his method you will be able to do a shuffle that is impossible to tell if you did a blind or the real. Steve also has added some original touches to the Zarrow and his Bottom Line Zarrow is the most significant development to this shuffle since Herb Zarrow created it decades ago.” Allan Ackerman

“Steve Reynolds is the Z-Shuffle’s ultimate undoing, providing a cure, meaningful breakthroughs, and scores of clarifying, learnable insights. He will undeniably make this technique yours to realize, vitalize, and weaponize!” Jon Racherbaumer

“Steve Reynolds' detailed and systematic approach to teaching the Zarrow shuffle is the most comprehensive and definitive work to date. "Z." is a "must have" for all serious card men.” Jack Carpenter

"I had done the Zarrow shuffle for years, and when I saw Mr. Zarrow do it, I thought he was teasing me. Igot that feeling again when I saw Steve do it. He has a clear and efficient way of guiding you through all the fine points. If you want to learn this shuffle, or just do it better, Steve's DVD is a great resource." John Carney