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I'm gearing up for my upcoming UK Lecture Tour and Adventure. I'm leaving September 27-October 14. This will be my first time overseas and I can't wait!

I have compiled a set of lecture notes which is a hardcopy booklet/PDF with Bonus videos. These effects have been good to me over the last few years and I'm excited to share them with a new audience. 

Six Card Effects - Bonus Videos

These effects were published throughout my Output series and these are a small sampling of effects that I have been currently performing and teaching. Enjoy!

All Backs Anomaly - short and sweet version with a comedy card-to-pocket ending. 

Mini Matching Miracle - A full-deck matching routine that ends with an unexpected card to box.

SR Rips Off PH Ultimate Ripoff - This is my restoration for Paul Harris's classic one-card version of the T&R Card. This is an all-at-once restoration with one piece remaining unrestored as in the classic way. The presentation excuses this.

Marlo's False Cut/Double Location - This is a well-orchestrated Cut Location to two selected cards. You'll learn a one-handed false cut and a direct, humorous, and fooling effect.

No Spin CC Deck - You spin the tale of the myths of card cheaters and then demonstrate some of these far-fetched claims, ending with a "marked deck." You'll Learn (kidding) - Deep Punch Work, No Miss Estimation, the Flop Deal, and the Real-Work on marked cards. These skills will keep you out of most card games.

Bonus Videos -

12th Method Matcho, Playing Heavy, Pushthrough Poker, Technicolor Ace x Ace