Hint of Hamman

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53 pages, 20 full-color photos, softcover.

Introduction by David Regal.

Brother John Hamman is a legend. 

He blazed his own trail and marched to the beat of a distant drum. He was a master of sly, subtle, psychology. He knew what the audience was thinking and how to manipulate those thoughts effortlessly to produce magic.

It is this, his signature, which is built into the structure of every trick he created.

Bro. Hamman produced two substantial works: a small book written by Paul Lepaul and a large hardcover opus by Richard Kaufman. While he lived many years after the appearance of the large book, it was feared this was to be his final work. Hamman famously worked on his routines and honed them to perfection over the course of many performances and sometimes over several years. With his passing, it was accepted that no new Hamman magic would be seen.

Now, thanks to the discovery of a long-forgotten videotape, Steve Reynolds has shattered that resolve. A major new work collecting Bro. Hamman’s final mysteries will soon see the light of day. This material was almost lost but will now be preserved.

But this, is a taste of what is to come. A couple of jewels from the cave of wonders that will soon be plundered. This is a hint of Hamman to ready you for the feast of the final legacy.

Included in a Hint of Hamman are two of Bro. Hamman’s last routines. One is previously unpublished and the other is a forgotten effect that only briefly appeared in print.

Short Change Bar Imagine a short-change routine with five ordinary cards. An engaging story is told, a battle of wits played out between the magician and a clever bartender in the “Short Change” Bar. 

The Future Card Hamman re-examined his classic Signed Card effect, tore it apart, and rebuilt it with the mastery he had gained from his years of experimentation. The result is a bold new version that will make you smile. It appears here for the first time anywhere.

Written by one of magic best writers, and one of Hamman’s most prolific students, Steve Reynolds. This soft cover book contains over 40 pages with full-color photos to make learning easy.

Are you ready for a tantalizing hint of what is to come?