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Get a jump start on my new book Beyond the Z: Everything But the Zarrow with a Skype Session on these deceptive and unique false shuffles.

Here's what you'll learn in the book. We'll discuss each item and get them working for you.

“The Spread Shuffle Bluff is an advancement in tabled shuffle work that is worthy of much study. Steve’s casual and effortless use of the move makes it a joy to watch.” Brent Braun 

"...his Bottom-Line [idea] is the most significant development to this shuffle since Herb Zarrow created it decades ago." Allan Ackerman

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BEYOND the Z: Everything But the Zarrow

Table of Contents

Foreword (Tony Cabral)


Get a Grip

Covered Classics

Stripout Shuffle Variant (Marlo)

Push-Through Shuffle Variant (Reynolds)

Bottom-Line Tactics

Covered-Up Shuffle (Marlo/Reynolds)

Spread Covered-Up Shuffles

Whispering Joker (Marlo)

Blind Shuffles Bluff

Blind Bluff Shuffle

Bluff Spread Shuffle



Spae Shuffle (Tomas Blomberg)

Zipper Zarrow (Harapan Ong)

Cardician Bonus: Marlo’s Bold Triumph (previously unpublished)