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Having had a keen interest in shuffle work for 40 years purchasing Steve's Beyond the Zarrow was a must for me. The HIGHLIGHT for me was the Blind Shuffle's Bluff. If Steve had performed this in person for me I would have begged and paid much more for the secret. I'm not kidding. It’s that good. I highly recommend this!! (Paul Hipp-Memphis)

Steve starts where his Z DVD left off by teaching you how to use the cover grip to improve some classic and offbeat false shuffles.

You'll learn an array of unique false shuffles that are deceptive at the table and fun to practice.

With each false shuffle, Steve teaches valuable lessons on sleight of hand that will help you quickly improve your other card techniques beyond these false shuffles.

Each shuffle is taught in Steve's usual detailed way and you'll learn more about shuffling than you bargained for.

In this video you'll learn:

The Cover Grip and Secrets to a Perfect Riffle Shuffle

Steve Z. DVD, on a fundamental level, was about how to maintain the cover position from the beginning to the end of the shuffle. This gives you the perfect cover without having to add any extra moves or actions. 

In this section, you'll learn everything you need for these shuffles and beyond.

Covered Classics

Steve is an expert on the work of Ed Marlo and much of this material was developed while studying his extensive shuffle work.

The cover grip was used by Marlo in much of his work and this unique Strip-Out Shuffle from Marlo's Objectives (1974) will give you an assured strip out without miss.

Steve takes this Marlo strip-out idea and reworks it for use with the Push-Through Shuffle--a good example of finding possibilities by turning a move on its head.

Before leaving these classics, Steve teaches Marlo's Perfect False Shuffle which is used in Harapan Ong's Zipper Zarrow described later in the video. 

Bottom-Line Tactics

In 2000 Steve developed a technique for the Zarrow Shuffle called the Bottom-Line Cover which had a good illusion of a full shuffle.

Steve has refined the technique and you'll learn how to use it for his Covered-Up Shuffle and Spread Covered-Up Shuffle.

Blind Shuffles Bluff

Prior to the Bottom-Line Cover, in 1999 Steve developed a false shuffle that allowed you to actually riffle both halves and cleanly square up with no unweaving or follow-up strip out. 

You'll learn two ways to handle this incredible false shuffle, Blind Bluff Shuffle and. Bluff Spread Shuffle.


Finally, Steve tips two false shuffles that are off the beaten track.

Tomas Blomberg Spae Shuffle was shared with me many years ago and I'm excited to share this bold handling of Marlo's Spade Shuffle 

Harapan Ong Zipper Zarrow is a follow-up action to add to a Zarrow Shuffle or Marlo's Perfect False Shuffle, explained elsewhere in the video.

“The Bluff Spread Shuffle is an advancement in tabled shuffle work that is worthy of much study. Steve’s casual and effortless use of the move makes it a joy to watch.” Brent Braun 

"...his Bottom-Line [idea] is the most significant development to this shuffle since Herb Zarrow created it decades ago." Allan Ackerman