Don Alan: The Lost Audio

$ 10.00

NEW PDF and MP3 

Original color photos of Don's props and choice transcriptions--follow along as Don gets into the nitty-gritty of his act.

52 minutes MP3

You’ll learn the history of the Chop Cup, Micro Macro and meeting Paul LePaul, the Devano Deck and the best glass for it, and Ring Flight and the master Al Koran.

Learn the backstory and the finesse of these Don Alan signatures.

Get the real secrets of a strong effect and Don’s thoughts on Charlie Miller's Cups and Balls and Larry Jennings' Chop Cup routine.

You'll also hear about Don’s friends, including fond and funny memories of his prop maker, Howard Bamman.

Don also speaks about his mentor, Bert Allerton and then shares his personal presentation for Bert's Pill Box routine.

Listen and read the stories and deatils of these Don Alan signatures. You will be a better magician for it.

These lessons are still relevant today. You’ll learn the keys to performing close-up for real people and how to think deeply about it.