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This lesson continues the detailed teaching of Marlo's card technique started in the first two lessons.

Ready to Stream and Download.

Here the very basic techniques that Marlo used throughout his card work are taught in Steve's detailed teaching style.

You'll learn the basics of the Riffle Shuffle.

The Starting Grip, Split, Riffle Weave, and Square Up.

Each part is then described and demonstrated in detail.

Steve then goes back to each segment and shows how to use each one in amazing ways.

Learn other Riffle Related moves.

Marlo's Tip on the Up the Ladder Cut

Here's how to make your cutting consistent and deceptive.

Learn tricks from the Cardician and the basics of Riffle Stacking.

Get your cutting into action with the Simple Triumph from Expert Card Conjuring.

If you learned from the Z DVD, then you'll have even more ideas to practice and perform.

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