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Welcome to the Marlo Road Map!

Here you’ll get the basics of Marlo’s techniques and sharpen your skills.

This series is also an homage to Ed Marlo, his students, my teachers, and fellow travelers like you. 

The first few lessons deal with the rudiments and fundamentals of Marlo’s card technique from:

Side Steal - Faro Shuffle - Kabbala - Card Finesse - Marlo Without Tears 

These starting points are the foundation of Miracle Class card magic.

You'll learn the first principles of Marlo's progressive style and the methods behind his genius.

Also, you'll get artifacts of a Golden Age in card magic through the eyes of the Cardician: Edward Marlo.


Riffle Shuffle Systems and Faro Controlled Miracles

This is card magic that still fools, entertains, and influences.

With this series, you'll find the best avenues for YOU to follow.

Let's hit the road.

We're going to Chicago!

Steve Reynolds

New Orleans 

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