MORE (Effects with Cards)

$ 10.00

27 pages, 24 Color Photos

4 Routines by Steve Reynolds

Skill Level: Nothing difficult for an advanced beginner/Intermediate 

Paris Slant Goes to Vegas A version of the classic JJ Sanvert effect, where the black and red Aces are never where they should be. I've added a transformation and flashy black-jack kicker.

Look! Another Illusion This is a version of the small-packet transformation trick by Larry Jennings. I've added a few extra changes to get more bang for your buck.

The St Louis Lesson This is a re-vamping of Terry LaGerald's "Las Vegas Lesson" and combines elements of Marlo's "Aces Kings Tens" to make a dynamic display of fake skill.

Eas(ie) Queen(ie) Mont(ie) This is a version of a Bill Simon Trick which uses some more subtle tactics to get a bit further magic out of the simple Monte demo.