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This issue began with a set of notebooks that were compiled by Vyn Boyer--editor of M.U.M. during the time Ed Marlo was publishing material in most of the major magazines. Vyn had corresponded with Marlo for many years, and Marlo sent him much of his published and unpublished material between the 1950-60's. Some of the material didn't see print until the mid-1970's and so Vyn Boyer's Notebooks are a time-capsule of Marlo's card and coin work spanning decades. Within these Notebooks were private letters, containing buried Marlo ideas.

I've culled a few items from the Boyer Notebooks for this issue, including two letters from Marlo that contain some rare and unpublished routines. This includes one of the best Center Deal Demos, forgotten by many, and added my own slant to a related Dealing Routine.

Also, I've taken some liberties and connected the dots with a Stop Effect Marlo had performed for Daley in the 40's.

This issue begins with a routine by Ed Oschmann that gives you a strong lead-in effect that gets you set for Simon Aronson's Shuffle-Bored  with a borrowed,  shuffled deck.

                         30 pages - 10 x 7 Perfect Bounding - Full Color Photos


          >> Happenchance 

           >> A Letter to Vyn Boyer                     

           >> Multiple Shift to Break 

           >> Solution to E,F, Aces 

           >> Marlo’s Stop Trick For Daley: A Speculation 

           >> Total Con Multiple Shift 

           >> The Boyer Notebooks 

           >> Another Letter to Vyn Boyer 

           >> Sudo Centers 

           >> Invisible Poker Deal 






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