Output 18

$ 25.00

This issue in the Output series will have you getting out some older decks of card to fold and tear. It also has my versions on two classics: the Hotel Mystery and Larry Jennings' Look! An Illusion.

The real gems of this issue are:

Marlo's Red-Blue Warp

This is Marlo's previously unpublished handling of Roy Walton's Card Warp ta unique and streamlined way to get into the routine, ways to convincingly show the unpreparedness of the cards, and how to get maximum clarity. These is not a long routine, but the description--along with the 26 color photos--will make learning this easy.

The other highlight is one of my own. Beginning as a challenge to help a friend find a fast and natural Card Fold, I developed the Aluminum Fold. This is as fast a fold as I've ever seen and it's done within the normally actions of squaring a card into the deck and handling the cards out to be shuffles.

This issue has some great material that I know you'll enjoy working on and performing.

Output 18 is a 32 pages, perfect bound, 7 x 10 glossy booklet.



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