Output 23

$ 25.00

What is OUTPUT? . . . OUTPUT is a monthly book of primarily card magic with a focus on classic and off-beat effects and methods. This is Steve’s outlet for his ongoing OUTPUT of unique magic, with contributions from his magic friends. There is always a heavy dose of Marlo, with a focus on Ed’s unpublished work. Steve brings his extensive knowledge to the task and so OUTPUT often features a deep-dive history from the 1950’s-1990’s, connecting the dots to the Marlo library.

25 pages, perfect bound, 7 x 10 glossy booklet.

Triple Prediction (Marlo)

Quadruple Prediction (Marlo)

Billet Details (Marlo)

T.S. Aces Update (Reynolds)

Spectator Cuts Twelve (Reynolds)   

So-Simple Dunbury (Reynolds)

Non-Psychological Stop Trick (Marlo)



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