Output 24

Output 24

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Output 24 is an update of my 2014 booklet, In-Vestment.

Techniques and tactics for those who wear a vest or waistcoat. Single and Multiple Add Ons, Unloads, Packet Switches, Half-Stack Switch, and Deck Switching.

This material was developed under practical conditions and used to vanish packets in close-up and stand-up conditions. No gimmicked clothing. 

It includes what I think is the ONLY way to get set for the Birthday Card Trick.


Rest Position

Packet Positions

Horizontal Loading

Single/Multiple Loads

Alternative Single Load

Half-Deck Loading

Horizontal Steal

Friction Steal

Anytime Birthday Card Trick

Stealing cards: Palm Positions

Gambler’s Cop

Classic Palm

Vertical Loading

Vertical Steal

Adjusting Packets

Combination Switches: Packet/Deck