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Output 30

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NEW! Output 30

On The Mystic Nine

This is an updated handling of the Bro. Hamman classic, and the granddaddy of the Wild Card, that cuts down on the number of false counts and adds a startling color kicker.

Background: On Marlo's Double Brain Wave

Be a fly on the wall, reading over the shoulders of Marlo and Bascom Jones, Jr., and get a behind-the-scenes look at the publishing history of a forgotten gem from Ibidem and Magick.

Open Prediction (Marlo)

Marlo always emphasized the CONDITIONS of Paul Curry's original plot and throughout his many versions, stayed true to form. This 1984 version, found among the Marlo files, uses a move from the early 1950s comes full circle

Jumping Jack Transo (Marlo) 

A Jack is cut to the top of the deck. A selection is reversed in the middle and remains outjogged. The deck is spread and the stage is set. In an instant the Outjogged card and Jack change places! One of the fastest of Marlo's transpositions.

Latest Ace Assembly (Marlo)

Well, the "Latest" is relative. This is a mixed method of two of Marlo's 1989 handlings and a variation, to present a clear and direct handling as well as a bold way to display the one-at-a-time assembly.

Look, Again! (Lee Lee)

This adds a Royal Flush kicker to Look! Another Illusion in Output 18. A packet of all King of Spades is shown. A Two is switched for one of the Kings and the packet is then shown to be all Two of Hearts. Finally, the King off to the side is turned face up to reveal the reality: a Royal Flush!