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This is a direct digital transfer of the original Super-8 movie filmed in 1972.

Newly restored narration by Jon Racherbaumer. Clips from the "cutting-room floor," and re-edited by Steve Reynolds.

The Compendium book is compiled and edited by Steve Reynolds and goes into many fine details and the history of many of the items in this video.

1 hr. with over 40 Demonstrations and repeat slow-motion segments.


Vanishing Aces

This Is a Four Ace…Er...King Trick

Ten-Hand Switch
Rub A Dub Gone
The Sting
Immediate Bottom Deal/Location
Card Flight
Brush Change/Cards to Pocket
Table Pass
Pseudo Five-Hand Stacks
Aerial Change
Table-Edge Pass
Square-Up Packet/Deck Switch
Throw Change
Prime-Time Triumph
Ace Transpo
No-Break Curry Turnover
Charlier Pass
Arbil Change
Curry Curve
Blue Thought/Covered Deck Switch
Movie Transpo
Ace Stacking - Crimped Aces
Kick Switch
End Tap Pass
Casual Deck Switch
The Louisiana Switch
Bomb Door Location
Riffle Culling
Double Riffle Palm
Visual Retention Switch/Change
Marlo On the Shank Shuffle w/ Block Transfer
Open-Air Assembly
The Old In and Out
How Many?