Onto the Riverboat

Since moving to New Orleans, I've toyed with the idea of developing a Riverboat Gambler character.

Sitting with a group at a table and spinning tales of fortunes won and loss on a turn of a card.

But, sometimes the ideas in your head don't translate well into action and I haven't had the opportunity to put anything into performance yet.

Until now.

I recently booked a show for a party on a Riverboat here in New Orleans.

They want me to sit at a table and do three 15 minute sets.

Here's my opportunity to throw some bits in as reference to the boat and the old-time riverboat cheats!

So, the first few minutes will be some non-card close-up magic and then lead into the gambling stuff with Skinner Monte and then into the second and third phase of Synergistic Poker (Playing Heavy and Push-Through Poker):


That combo will give me ample opportunity to drop in some riverboat gambler character lines.

We'll see if this idea gels.

Either way it'll be fun finding out.

Yours in Magic,


PS There are also a number of gambling themed effects in my booklet Next Stop...Larceny!


There's a new premise shared in a short and punchy routine called Marked Second that I recommend checking out.

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