Output Series

Output is a monthly booklet, some may call a magazine, of at least 35 pages . . . and some months pushing 50 pages. It is primarily card magic with a focus on classic and off-beat effects and methods. There is always a heavy dose of Marlo, with a focus on his unpublished work and connecting the dots to the Marlo library. Steve brings his extensive knowledge of Marlo to the task and so Output often features a deep-dive history on Marlo’s later developments.

Output also features the work of the author, Steve Reynolds. Steve loves a good subtlety, and even a bad subtlety. He likes to push on the edges of methods and often by brewing a little Bro. Hamman into the mix . . . he gets magic that is eye-popping.

Besides featuring the bold card stuff of a died-in-the-wool Cardician and a self-proclaimed Monk, Output also features the astonishing antics of some of Steve’s friends from around the world.

Each issue comes along with video demonstrations via links and discussion. Currently there are 16 issues available with issues 17-21 coming very soon. Back issues are available along with subscriptions to keep up with the monthly issues.

Each issue of Output is available for individual purchase for $25 and includes:

  • Hard-copy booklet with detailed explanations and clear photos.
  • Downloadable video instruction 

Sign up for the Monthly series and receive:

  • Hard-copy booklet with detailed explanations and clear photos.
  • Downloadable video instruction
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